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Scenario research writing support.Look for Training Assist with Consideration

Scenario research writing support.Look for Training Assist with Consideration

An instance review is really a specific process which can be allocated as a way to execute a research within a distinct sphere. The principle aim of the document is to follow an examination, that is why writing a case study pieces of paper consists of various actions: information and facts event, following, evaluating, and composing a study.

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7 Essential Elements of an Effective Mobile Strategy

Mobility – the concept of being available at all times for all users. With the number of active mobile devices outpacing the human population, it becomes essential for companies to invest in their mobile strategy to stay relevant in the marketplace. A good mobile ecosystem complements corporations businesses by engaging consumers, promoting offerings, increasing revenue streams and enhancing brand awareness. This article is primarily intended for conventional businesses who do not have a significant digital presence as opposed to new age companies (like e-commerce).

1. Map your business – The age old mantra of Know Your Customer is all the more critical in digital. What would you like your consumer to see in your corporation? As in a physical environment, how would you like him to navigate in your store? Correspondingly, design and build your mobile ecosystem around the user. Once you set up the architecture, identify the most appropriate delivery system for your user “mobile website or native app or hybrid.

2. Ensure Service Continuity -Ensure continuity in all forms of user engagement. The service delivery and value proposition offered in a brick & mortar store must be emulated in your mobile ecosystem. Your customers, physical & virtual, must always enjoy their experience with you, irrespective of the medium. Opting for a cloud-based solution will ensure business continuity with enhanced security while minimizing investments.

3. Identify Revenue generation streams -How do you want your mobile ecosystem to improve your top line? You can either sell products directly on your app or describe your product interactively to create inquiries or engage with customers to strengthen your brand awareness. In all these cases, we directly or indirectly influence the customer to buy our offering. Do ensure to have the right set of metrics for the appropriate selling model to capture the effectiveness of the selected method.

4. Offer impeccable User experience -The mobile app or website play the role of salesman and brand manager for your business. Ensuring a proper interface will not only generate higher traffic but also increase revenues. With a bevy of new form factors (phablets, tablets, wearables) and Operating systems (Firefox, Tizen) flooding the market, ensure proper compatibility with all the relevant hardware & software. Of course, this will be dependent on your target audience & geography also. Make your customer interaction dynamic with Location based services & Social promotions to create a TOMA (Top of the mind awareness) effect.

5. Promote your digital – Enable your customers to easily discover your mobile ecosystem. Depending on the type and scale of your business, promote your app using new age (SEOs, social media, other app advertisements) or conventional (mass media, word of mouth) marketing vehicles. Feature your apps in all your brand communication. Be cautious of the major tech trends. Google recently updated its search algorithm to rank higher mobile-friendly sites (including apps) than regular ones. Hence, investing in mobile solutions will improve a company’s service discovery better.

6. Protect your customers trust – In the light of numerous data breaches and government hacking, security has become the new watchword in the technology arena. Loss of customer data in the digital world instantaneously erodes the brand reputation and impacts the company’s bottom-line. Ensure all the necessary security checks in your mobile ecosystem especially when financial transactions are involved.

7. Listen -One of the major benefits of investing in a mobile ecosystem is the ability to capture the voice of the customer. Integrate your app with Social media. Capture the sentiments about your brand. Value feedback about your website or app and take the appropriate actions immediately. Customers greatly appreciate when they feel their feedback is considered. The mobile ecosystem gives companies the chance to listen & speak with the customer. Make the best out of it.

Technology Behind Mobile Payments

Smart phone is the fastest technology that mankind has adopted to, overtaking the internet. Mobiles have been the pivot around which the new innovative payment methodologies are being developed. In this paper we will walk through technologies that are used by the payment providers to enable payment through mobiles.

A. STK (SIM Application Toolkit) – A SIM is an integrated circuit that is intended to securely store the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) which identifies the subscriber uniquely. STK is an application program that is written on top of the SIM technology, this enables the mobile service provider to provide the user with a menu based technology that is used for various services including mobile payments. m-Pesa the mobile money transfer system that Safaricom introduced uses the STK technology. The users are provided with a menu based application where they can enter the details to transfer the funds. As, STK is embedded with the SIM technology it is quite tamperproof and secure. STK is likely to be used in countries where the smartphone penetration is low.

B. USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Most of the mobile phones work on either CDMA or GSM technology. CDMA technology is owned by Qualcomm while GSM is the industry standard and is the more widely used mobile technology. USSD messages work on the GSM technology, basically GSM technology has 2 bands, one for voice communication and the other for network communication, the USSD band. USSD messages are similar to the SMS(Short Message Service), but they are of 182 characters length. They work by creating USSD session, which gives them real-time communication capability. Vodacom uses this technology to provide the payment service Tanzania, though the quantum of transaction is not as high as m-pesa Kenya they have seen reasonable success with over $12million worth transactions being processed every month.

C. NFC  Touted as the Crossing the Chasm of mobile payments. NFC, stands for Near Field Communication, is a radio technology that enables devices to communicate with each other when they are touched together or brought to close proximity. To make an NFC payment one needs to bring the NFC device close to POS terminal where the NFC device is recognises the POS device, the NFC device will create a token using the POS provided data and a secure element, and sends it over to the POS device. The POS device will then forward the token to the payment service provider who will validate the token and make the payment.

It has a very strong argument when it comes to the security of payments, they use the concept of secure element which is tamperproof. There are basically 2 ways of managing the SE component and as expected, Google and Apple are betting on different technologies to make the NFC payments.

Google uses the Host card emulation technique to enable payments; using HCE enables google to work with other players. In case of HCE the secure element is stored in the cloud which puts it at a disadvantage of needing internet connectivity to make payments. It makes sense for Google to use this approach as they do not manufacture the devices.

Apple pay on the other hand uses in-device Secure Element (SE) to enable payments, using SE for apple makes sense, Apple manufactures the device and owns the payment application, which gives it the freedom and flexibility to use the Secure Element method of authentication and authorization.

NFC technology is being worked upon for the last 5 years, but it has not seen much success, experts believe that 2015 might be the year when mobile payments will take off.

D. QR codes – The present leader of the pack, Nielson in its The Modern Wallet: Mobile Payments are Making Life Easier report that 45% of the interviewed Customers favour payment via the QR codes. QR code stands for Quick response code, first developed by Densa-Wave a Toyota subsidiary, for inventory tracking of automobiles. It is a 2 dimensional image of black squares that can be decoded by the barcode reader. Most smart phones with cameras have the ability to scan and read QR codes which has led to the wide spread use of QR codes in payments. There are basically 2 types of QR code payments that can be made:

  1. Receive a QR code in your phone and get it scanned at the counter: In this case the customer needs to have a payment app installed in the mobile phone, which will generate a QR code for the payment transaction. This QR code can be scanned using a barcode reader by a cashier to process the payment.
  2. Scan the QR code at the counter and make the payment: In this case the customer needs to have a payment app installed in the mobile phone, which can read the QR code and process payment for the same.

Now, the question if it is safe? Actually it may be safer than the card payments as the customer information is not passed while the transaction is processed; the QR codes send tokens which are validated by the payment processors. China has blocked the use of QR codes following concerns about the level of security QR codes provide, but there are strong rumours about the service being made available soon as Wechat and Alipay are testing out QR code based payments in the country.

E. Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth low energy was originally introduced to the market under the name Wibree by Nokia in 2006. The same has been merged to Bluetooth standard in 2010. A Bluetooth beacon has sensors that detect the smart phones within a few inches making it extremely user-friendly, as the name suggests it uses the highly energy efficient Bluetooth low energy. The vendor has to install the BLE in the store, provided by multiple vendors including apple, which can transmit messages to the customers mobiles. Apple and Paypal are 2 companies that are betting big on this technology, while apple has a Bluetooth beacon that works with apple alone, paypal has no such restriction, their beacons work both on apple and android devices.

There have been concerns raised against the technology that people would be bombarded with prompts, but Paypal president David Marcus asserts that the consumers are still in control of the notifications that they receive. For instance there can be notifications from stores which can be left unattended. The customers can also choose the stores that they want to receive notification from.

One of the major problem that BLEs face is the DoS attack(Denial of Service). Another issue that we see with the paypal system is the way in which the product is designed. Paypal provides customers contactless payment system, in this case the vendor cannot prove the customers authorization of the payment as there is no  handshake to show the same.

F. Mobile Card Reader  When square first brought these to the markets, everyone from Paypal to Facebook to Google expected them to do well, but unfortunately they have not done well till date. These are basically card readers that can be attached to any smart phone, enabling the smartphones to make payments through cards. When I first saw them in 2012, I expected them to be widely used by e-commerce companies and small businesses. But, these MCRs suffered from a major flaw – the commission charged by the card companies. Customers were not willing to pay extra and retailers were not willing to give up on their margin.

G. MST MST stands for Magnetic Secure Transmission it was developed by LoopPay which has been recently acquired by Samsung. The MST technology generates changing magnetic fields over a short period of time that emulates the same magnetic field change as when a card is swiped across the read head. If you move the MST enabled mobile over the card reader at a distance of 3-inches the MST is a great technology where the physical card has been replaced by the mobile phone and the technology on the vendors side has remained unchanged.

Samsung Galaxy S6 that was announced on March 1st 2015 supports the MST technology.

Though Samsung has an edge over others with MST payments, the default payment method in  Samsung Galaxy S6 is NFC, not MST. Be it technology providers or the vendors, both want to do away with card based payments.

Conclusion: STK/USSID payments will remain prevalent in markets where smartphone penetration is low, which gives the telecom companies an edge over other players.

NFC is expected to make the retail payment hassle free. With Apple choosing NFC technology it is very likely that the industry wants to promote NFC as the default mode of payment.

QR codes is an easy to use technology that will peak very soon, whose success will depend not on its merits alone but on the failure of other payment technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth and MST among others.

BLE still seems to the technology of the future, where a customer can use his mobile to choose products using mobile in the store and make payments via BLEs.

MST might just be Samsungs plan B in the payments space, they also seem to want to use NFC over MST. NFC is the default payment option in Samsung galaxy S6.

5 Trends in Mobile Gaming to watch out for in 2015

With the commencement of a new year, mobile gaming industry is expected to take new turns in order to surprise the gamers much more. Customer acquisition and retention has always been a tedious task in this highly dynamic industry. A single breakthrough product changes the direction of the industry and threatens to run away with all the bounty until some other engaging game arrests its progress. But by and large, these trends will prevail in the market in 2015:

  • Freemium model is going to stay here for a longer period of time – Lets admit it that nobody wants to pay for downloading a game. In 2014, many gaming ideas were not able to make the customers download them. In 2015, re-targeting is going to be the focus which will be stitched around freemium model to acquire unique users and retain/engage the older ones to lessen the churn out rate.
  • Tug of war between platform operators for a better platform lock-in – While most of the focus will remain on users, platform operators like Facebooks Facebook Audience Network (FAN) and Twitter will have their task cut out when it will come down to make the developers glue to a particular platform. This is an indirect way of beefing up downloads. The virility quotient capability of the platforms will decide that who will have the upper hand in a greater platform lock-in.
  • Incentivized product installs will take a back seat as a strategy to gain top position in app Industry is realizing the fact that incentivized user installs can be a micro-managing step in the quest of increasing downloads and thus pushing the chart position upwards. But, what will happen once incentives will be taken off. So, we will see some innovative changes in the ways in which campaigns are being run on various platforms to promote the gaming applications.
  • Social listening and responding to that in an effective way is going to be the mantra for mobile gaming firms. In 2014, we have seen mobile games literally begging for good ratings during their application installs or in-app purchases. The truth is that a gamer is only interested in playing and not in giving feedbacks/ratings. So, good ratings or even average ratings are hard to come by if businesses will focus only on UI and incentives. Integrating videos in gaming eco-system to increase the overall value of the experience can be a good idea.
  • Introduction of Apple watch – With the introduction of Apple watch, mobile eco-system will take a 180 degree shift in its appearance and will result into more personalized experiences for users. Due to a recent increase in size limit of app package that will have the ability to be sent through iTunes connect up to 4GB, more media involvement will be there. And hence, more ability to personalized or influential experiences will be automatically enabled in the games who will have Apple watch integration.

In the end, everything will boil down to the extent that mobile games will make the whole experience more and more personalized to the users. They will be able to target all the three aspects of new customer acquisition, customer retention and maintaining a constant in-flow of revenues, if they emerged out handling this basic aspect very well.

Best practices in App Monetization

In todays app economics, monetization managers lives have been made very difficult by the freemium model, used by their respective organizations to generate revenue from their respective apps. In their quest to woo users for clicking on their in-app ads, most of them end up spoiling the overall experience of the app for the user. This results in the migration of users from that particular app with an outrage which can be seen on social media or apps ratings and comments. So, the organization not only lost current revenue but also a lot of brand value and customers positive top of the mind awareness. Like in Nepal earthquake case, many brands tried to beef up their ad campaigns on mobile platform by giving a reference to the earthquake. That reference was given by ignoring that thousands of people lost their lives in the earthquake. So, a lot of brand value was lost and it will stay in customers mind. In this piece of text; I will try to shed some light on some best practices in app monetization.

  • Personalization – Most of the apps falter at this very important point during monetization management by posting irrelevant ads which irritate the user and adds up negative value to the overall app experience of the user. So, it is advisable that only relevant ads must be served to the user while using the app. For example, in a gaming application; ads must be smartly placed at the high points of the game play at which probability of user clicking on the ad is higher. Not to miss that, the content of the ad must be relevant. A lot of games like Candy crush are doing it successfully.
  • App trailers – As videos continue to be the medium for generating maximum footfalls, integrating them in the monetization eco-system can do wonders. A trailer containing a walk-through of the most awesome features of the app you want to promote, can be placed in the ad slot of already popular app. One wont require incentivizing the process further by much margin. But, the results have been very encouraging till date.
  • Interstitial ads – Using interstitial ads has generated better results in monetizing the apps as compared to while using banner ads. Because of its ability to gel well with video feature, interstitial ads are clearly the winners.
  • Tiered pricing – Monetization can be done by dividing the users on the basis of their activeness quotient. For example, if 60 % of the users are spending one hour on the app, 20% of the users are using two hours on the app and rest 20% users spend more than 4 hours on the app; then the monetization mechanism for them needs to be weighed with a composite score comprising of the usage and the number of users of a particular category.

App monetization will continue to be a very important area of focus for the develop community as well as the business people in the times to come. Other avenues like second screen are yet to be explored in mobile app space. The onus is not on where to put the ads in the app so that user clicks on it easily but the onus is on how to attract the user to click on ads wherever they are in the game. This can be done only by creating win-win situation for both the parties without disrupting the pleasant experience of the app user.

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