5 Trends in Mobile Gaming to watch out for in 2015

With the commencement of a new year, mobile gaming industry is expected to take new turns in order to surprise the gamers much more. Customer acquisition and retention has always been a tedious task in this highly dynamic industry. A single breakthrough product changes the direction of the industry and threatens to run away with all the bounty until some other engaging game arrests its progress. But by and large, these trends will prevail in the market in 2015:

  • Freemium model is going to stay here for a longer period of time – Lets admit it that nobody wants to pay for downloading a game. In 2014, many gaming ideas were not able to make the customers download them. In 2015, re-targeting is going to be the focus which will be stitched around freemium model to acquire unique users and retain/engage the older ones to lessen the churn out rate.
  • Tug of war between platform operators for a better platform lock-in – While most of the focus will remain on users, platform operators like Facebooks Facebook Audience Network (FAN) and Twitter will have their task cut out when it will come down to make the developers glue to a particular platform. This is an indirect way of beefing up downloads. The virility quotient capability of the platforms will decide that who will have the upper hand in a greater platform lock-in.
  • Incentivized product installs will take a back seat as a strategy to gain top position in app Industry is realizing the fact that incentivized user installs can be a micro-managing step in the quest of increasing downloads and thus pushing the chart position upwards. But, what will happen once incentives will be taken off. So, we will see some innovative changes in the ways in which campaigns are being run on various platforms to promote the gaming applications.
  • Social listening and responding to that in an effective way is going to be the mantra for mobile gaming firms. In 2014, we have seen mobile games literally begging for good ratings during their application installs or in-app purchases. The truth is that a gamer is only interested in playing and not in giving feedbacks/ratings. So, good ratings or even average ratings are hard to come by if businesses will focus only on UI and incentives. Integrating videos in gaming eco-system to increase the overall value of the experience can be a good idea.
  • Introduction of Apple watch – With the introduction of Apple watch, mobile eco-system will take a 180 degree shift in its appearance and will result into more personalized experiences for users. Due to a recent increase in size limit of app package that will have the ability to be sent through iTunes connect up to 4GB, more media involvement will be there. And hence, more ability to personalized or influential experiences will be automatically enabled in the games who will have Apple watch integration.

In the end, everything will boil down to the extent that mobile games will make the whole experience more and more personalized to the users. They will be able to target all the three aspects of new customer acquisition, customer retention and maintaining a constant in-flow of revenues, if they emerged out handling this basic aspect very well.