All your training. In a game. On your phone.

Case Study

From the start, we have believed that a strong workforce is only as strong as every one of their workers. We believe that the LMS-stuff is failing to get the job done. And, we believe that our workforce deserves better. Leading brands are looking for something better. And, our workforce deserves it.

About the client

Back in 2015, our founding team started working on a new concept called Sales Huddle. The idea was simple. Create a game that managers can use to train their sales people, so they don’t have to keep forcing them to sit through hours of videos that they won’t even remember. After we launched, we quickly saw the bigger picture. And, an opportunity for our game platform to help workers across all industries, job titles and skill areas. So we changed the game and 1Huddle was born.

Industry: Gaming Platform
Location: USA
Client since: 2017

Huddle has revolutionized the workforce development ,delivering skill development and training that is orders or magnitude more effective than the alternatives. 1Huddle is also bringing training to frontline workers, democratizing learning and development. 1Huddle has taken a gamification approach to training, combining the best of learning science and mobile game solutions to deliver training that is more engaging, less boring, and more effective.

Working with 1huddle from day one, Codewalla built the dev team from the ground up to execute the gamified training idea and built the MVP. And with their pioneering approach of combining learning science and mobile gaming technology, 1huddle has now scaled well past the MVP stage and now offers an enterprise-grade cloud-based mobile product to its clients.
And as a result, the company has now grown rapidly, attracting investors like Humbition, Tribeca Venture Partners, and Newark Venture Partners to name a few. The Codewalla team has supported 1huddle in this journey from day one and has now established a dedicated dev center for 1huddle. And as 1Hudde has grown, Codewalla has continued to support the company, help them scale up, and be a partner in their growth.

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