Triple Point Technologies

Case Study

Leading supply chain software company


Triple Point Technologies is a leading supply chain software company, specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for commodity management. Their software helps businesses optimize their supply chains, manage risk, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, positioning them as a key player in the industry.


Triple Point Technologies faced a significant challenge in developing mobile products that matched the functionality and quality of their existing desktop software. The primary difficulties included:

  • Technological Integration: Ensuring seamless integration of mobile products with existing desktop systems.
  • Rapid Development: The need for quick and efficient development across various technologies, including mobile, VR, and web.

Codewalla’s Support

Codewalla partnered with Triple Point Technologies to:

  • Technical Team Assembly: Built a specialized development team with expertise in mobile technology to support the project.
  • End-to-End Development: Designed, developed, and deployed a suite of mobile applications from scratch, featuring advanced functionalities and a rich user experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Ensured the new mobile products were fully compatible with the existing desktop systems, which were not initially built to support mobile technology.
  • User Experience Design: Created an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance the mobile experience for users.
  • Market Adaptation: Continuously adapted the product based on market feedback, ensuring it met user needs and industry standards.


  • Acquisition: Triple Point Technologies’ successful mobile transformation led to their acquisition by ION Group for $900 million, underscoring the value added through the mobile product development.
  • Enhanced Market Position: The new mobile products positioned Triple Point Technologies as a leader in the supply chain software market, improving user engagement and operational efficiency.
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