Codewalla Cloud Services

Our Approach

At Codewalla, we deliver tailored cloud solutions that are scalable, secure, and cost-effective. Our services ensure your business leverages the full potential of cloud technology.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design: Crafting custom architectures to meet your unique needs.
  • Cloud Migration: Ensuring seamless application transitions across platforms.
  • MLOps: Automating deployment, monitoring, and management of ML models.
  • Automation: Implementing CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code, and automated testing.
  • Cloud Security: Securing your environment with best practices in encryption, access control, and compliance standards.

Our Expertise

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design: Crafting scalable, secure and cost-efficient cloud architectures tailored to your business needs.
  • Cloud Migration: Seamlessly migrating your application across cloud platforms.
  • ML Ops: Streamline and automate the deployment, monitoring and management of ML models
  • Automation: Implementing CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code and automated testing to accelerate your development lifecycle.
  • Cloud Security: Ensuring your cloud environment is secure with best practices in encryption, access control and compliance standards.

Proven Use Cases

  • HA Infrastructure for gamified training platform
    • Three-Tier Architecture for scalable infrastructure.
    • Infrastructure monitoring using ELK, Datadog, Grafana and Prometheus
  • Security for Enterprise Customer in Infrastructure Domain
    • Secured infrastructure using VPC and VPC peering for external services
    • Redundancy through multi region support
    • Proposed AWS Outposts for secure on-premises data storage
    • Successfully passed VAPT with zero vulnerabilities
  • Serverless architecture for scalability and Cost Optimization
    • Infrastructure for product MVP with minimum infrastructure cost
    • Nanoservices architecture
    • AWS Serverless Services (API Gateway, Lambda, S3, SQS, SES) for scalability

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