Leveraging AI to Breathe New Life
into Legacy Code


1Huddle, a pioneering tech company, faced a common yet significant challenge in their development process — dealing with legacy code written in PHP. Recognizing the need for modernization, Codewalla suggested refactoring their legacy codebase to enhance code quality and improve maintainability.


While a portion of 1Huddle’s codebase, built in PHP, had aged over time, it still served its core function. However, this legacy code presented limitations:

Scalability Concerns: The existing structure hindered the ability to expand efficiently for future growth.

Maintenance Challenges: Keeping the code up-to-date and secure became increasingly difficult.

Modernization Gap: The code deviated from modern coding best practices, potentially impacting performance and efficiency.

These factors threatened to hinder agility and ability to innovate in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


Tech Debt Assessment: The first step involved a thorough assessment of the existing legacy code to identify tech debt, bottlenecks, and areas requiring immediate attention.

Copilot Integration: Leveraging Copilot, Codewalla integrated AI-assisted coding tools to analyze, document, and propose improvements.


Automated Documentation: Codewalla used copilot to automatically generate comprehensive documentation. This enabled effective collaboration among development teams.

Refactoring Assistance: Copilot provided real-time suggestions and code snippets during the refactoring process, aiding developers in writing cleaner code while ensuring adherence to best practices.


Enhanced Code Readability: Copilot significantly improved the readability of the legacy codebase, reducing the learning curve for new developers and accelerating onboarding.

Accelerated Refactoring: The integration of Copilot accelerated the refactoring process, allowing developers to address issues systematically and incrementally.

Smooth Migration Path: With Codewalla’s assistance, 1Huddle successfully navigated the migration of critical PHP components to mircoservices(spring boot), ensuring a smooth transition toward a more scalable and maintainable codebase.


By combining Codewalla’s expertise with Copilot’s AI capabilities, 1Huddle effectively tackled the challenges posed by legacy code. The initiative not only improved code quality but also positioned the company for future growth.

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