Case Studies

Groundbreaking experiences, innovative products, and visionary ventures that shape tomorrow

Huddle has revolutionized the workforce development ,delivering skill development and training that is orders or magnitude more effective than the alternatives…

Woven Money aimed to address the widespread challenge of understanding and managing credit card debt…


Grom started with orthopedics services, scanning patient’s feet and allowing clinicians to generate digital prescriptions for the patients.

Tribeca Tables

We built a team to scale the product and support growth. Tribeca Tables was able to grow at a rapid clip and  was later acquired by Playtech (PTEC LON) for over $100 million.

Triple Point Technologies

We led the mobile transformation of Triple Point Technologies. They were later acquired by ION Group for $900 million.

Tresensa pioneered  the concept of Playable Ads (interactive marketing technology). Tresensa was acquired by Liftoff, a leading  mobile marketing company.


Peek reinvented virtual home tours with immersive 3D VR applications. Peek is now working with top players in centralized virtual leasing and attracting institutional investors.

Parent Tablet

Parent Tablet is a product designed to care for and help the elderly population. Codewalla’s work with Parent Tablet is still ongoing, adapting and evolving the product to find a good product-market fit.


OwnIt is a real estate personal finance planning tool for first homebuyers. The Codewalla team was able to build the MVP in a short time frame with a limited budget and helped OwnIt unlock the next round of funding.

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